GlobiLED completed  the project of replacing the existing conventional lights in  48 stores of the KOTSOVOLOS chain, with LED of high standards. In addition, GlobiLED replaced the conventional lights to the main offices and the warehouses of KOTSOVOLOS.
Επιπλέον η GlobiLED αντικατέστησε τον παλιό συμβατικό φωτισμό στα κεντρικά γραφεία και τις αποθήκες της εταιρείας ΚΩΤΣΟΒΟΛΟΣ.

Specifically, GlobiLED installed  73 different LED products in order to meet 100% of the lighting needs of KOTSOVOLOS.

GlobiLED, as a pioneer in the professional lighting, designed and installed a special safety LED lighting system which is activated in the event of energy interruption. This safety system is unique and complied with the European standards and directives.

In all KOTSOVOLOS stores, energy calculators were installed in order to measure the energy savings after the replacement of the existing conventional lights with LED luminaires. It is worthwhile mentioning that high power LED tube T5 155 lum/watt of recent technology were also installed.